Who we are

TrueLab Games Studios is an international game developer providing stunning games with diverse mechanics and original graphics. We offer a growing portfolio of next-generation HTML5 titles with smooth and engaging gameplay, unique bonus features and authentic top-quality visuals. We live and breathe creativity; professionalism and ongoing development are our core values. We are passionate about what we do and on the constant lookout for like-minded talents to join our team.

We are now looking for a highly efficient and experienced Senior Full stack NodeJS / Typescript developer to join our forward-looking tech. team. Our HQ is in Malta, but this is a fully remote position at the beginning as our team is decentralized. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in highload application software platform architecture and deep knowledge of NodeJS, TypeScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis.

What will you do?

  • Develop and implement of scalable and reliable software solutions.
  • Develop of REST APIs and their implementation
  • Create and modify of existing modules and packages for internal products
  • Interact with DevOps team
  • Test: e2e, unit, load, stress tests
  • Write technical documentation
  • Participate in Code-review within the team
  • Be the part of active participant in the process of research and implementation of new technologies
  • Participate in product quality improvement
  • Take part in the optimization of existing and creation of new processes associated with the development and design of the product (database schemas, decomposition of tasks from product briefs)
  • Improve the existing micro-service event-driven architecture

What do you know?

The ideal candidate for this role is passionate about software development and likes tasks that not everyone can handle.

To shine in this role, we expect you to have:bold text*

  • 5+ years of experience in software development with a focus on NodeJS / Typescript
  • Experience in creating the architecture of highly loaded and scalable systems based on micro-services
  • Great hard-skills with a NodeJS/Typescript twist
  • Experience with VueJS 2, Vuex, React
  • Experience with any Backend framework ExpressJS / Adonis / NestJS etc.
  • Experience with MongoDB (selects / aggregations)
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • Experience with RabbitMQ and/or Redis
  • Experience with Webpack or other bundlers
  • Understanding OOP concepts and design patterns
  • Experience with git (rebase, cherry pick, fix conflicts, etc.)
  • Ability to write structured code and understand someone else's code, even if it is not perfect
  • TDD/BDD experience
  • Knowledge of agile development, unit testing and continuous integration/continuous delivery methodologies
  • Team work experience
  • Good English proficiency in reading and writing

In TrueLab you will find a highly motivated team of talented professionals who are truly in love with their jobs, and the atmosphere open to innovations and ideas, with great opportunities for growth and development. We are truly enthusiastic about the work we do and hope to gather a larger group of like-minds! Our team spirit and mutual support inspires us to reach new heights. All our employees are encouraged to use the training materials we provide, and in that way further develop their talents and competencies in our growth-orientated company.