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Today, our team is totally diverse, built around talents above anything else. We really love meeting like-minded, creative and enthusiastic people who share our values and support our progress. Therefore, TrueLab says Hello! to anyone feeling ready to join our incredible venture (and adventure!).
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Why work with us?

  • Team

    We are enthusiasts, we are professionals and we are full of optimism. This team is diverse but shares common values and clear targets. This is what made TrueLab start up really well.

  • Products

    The TrueLab company is set up around delivering exceptional products to the market. That’s why working here is so interesting — we set high standards and act accordingly.

  • Innovation

    TrueLab resides on the border of iGaming and blockchain. Disruption is in our nature. And this results in unique, «next level» tasks – enriching any experience and any mindset.

  • Workflow

    We are fully agile, and thus we drive all the developments here effectively – from an idea to its implementation. This lets us continuously shift expectations and grow together.

  • Culture

    From the very beginning we understand that maintaining healthy relationship with our ambitious colleagues – is a must. Therefore, we never forget to treat each other better.

  • Fun

    TrueLab has great plans and great prospects. We need a lot to support this. But, seriously, there’s a lot of fun in working here. And, of course, lots of little bonuses to love :)

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