Day and Night

The flaming Ra and furious Bastet rule day and night in their eternal dispute.

Game details

The regular game appeals to the eternal dispute between deities ruling Day and Night — the flaming Ra and the furious Bastet.

The endless conflict of the deities is reflected in the temporary success of one of the parties awarding the player with a reel of Wilds.

Unconditional victory of Ra in all six reels brings 10 Day Spins, each giving from 1 to 24 Ra Wilds. Gaining all six reels, Bastet grants 10 Night Spins, with all Bastet Wilds going sticky.

Release Date August 2020
Game type 4x6 video-slot
Paylines 20
Max win х12500
RTP 96.38%
Volatility Low (61)
Mobile Yes, HTML5

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When Ra Wilds are superior in number, the Day side gains a reel from the Night, making it Wild. When Bastet Wilds prevail, the Night captures a reel turning it all Wilds.

Day and night spins

Gaining all six reels, the deity grants 10 dedicated free spins. Each Day Spin gives from 1 to 24 Wilds, while the Night Spins make all the Wilds sticky.

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